Global 2000

Many Global 2000 companies are committed to diversity programs to ensure that their vendors are representative of their employees and customers. Many of these companies say they are not able to find diverse professional service firms, such as CPA firms, that have the experience, capacity and expertise to serve them.

SBC has the experience, expertise, capacity and technical skills to serve these entities for certain selected services. Because SBC is led by partners that have served Global 2000 clients while at Big Four firms, we have put the quality control procedures, people development program, system of consultation, and access to technical expertise in place to serve these clients. Due to the Global 2000 clients we serve, our people are comfortable and accustomed to working with clients in this environment.

Whether it be specific tax projects, tax return preparation, tax department co-sourcing, employee benefit plan audits, statutory audits, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, assessment of procedures and controls, performance measurements, internal audit services, information security reviews, minority vendor compliance reviews or regulatory compliance reviews, we can serve Global 2000 clients. Our largest commercial audit client has approximately $2 billion in revenues and our largest audit client has over $20 billion in revenues.

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