Selected Professionals Profiles

Listed below are profiles of some of the SBC professionals to introduce you to our people.


Eric Marcus

Audit Manager


Eric Marcus obtained a Bachelor of Science in History prior to his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Towson University. Originally from Pykesville, MD, he currently resides with his wife, Kristina, for whom he constructs a new scrapbook page each Valentine’s Day. Eric enjoys being silly with his children, Jacob and Lily, as well as reading, playing video games, and watching football.

Eric advises to always own up to mistakes stating, “people will respect you for it.” He also encourages taking on new challenges boldly. He finds inspiration in the quote, “Aut invenium viam aut facium (I will either find a way or make one).”



Adriana Bowman

In-Charge Staff Auditor


Adriana Bowman earned a degree from Hampton University while serving as a member of Society of Business Professionals and as Secretary of NABA on campus. Adriana also volunteers at Child Development Center at Hampton University.

Originally from Chicago, Adriana is the youngest of six siblings with three sisters and two brothers. She also has three nephews and one niece. Adriana enjoys traveling, shopping, and hanging out with friends and family.

Adriana has learned, “you should do what you love and don’t worry about other people's opinions.” She feels that personal connections and strong communication are essential. Adriana is inspired by her mother and God.


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