From evolving business environments to shifting regulations and standards, change has a profound impact on your organization and its accounting and financial reporting requirements.  We can help you address today's environment of rapid change.  SBC uses a risk-based audit approach founded on our Big Four expertise, with frequent and proactive communication.  We'll discuss your complex issues and offer a clear, constructive perspective for improving your operations.

Our audit approach is truly unique among our competitors. First, our most experienced personnel will thoroughly discuss your critical audit areas, understand your needs, and establish an agreed-upon timeline and audit plan that focuses on the things important to you. Next, they’ll work directly with you to develop solutions, which our staff members will then validate. This top-down methodology  significantly increases audit efficiency and effectiveness, thereby saving you time, money and frustration.

We promise that our most experienced personnel will remain involved through the entire engagement, providing ongoing, year-round consultation at no extra cost. In addition to ensuring quick issue resolution, our professionals will provide valuable updates from their involvement in industry and standards-setting organizations, such as the AICPA Audit Quality Centers, AICPA Council and GFOA Special Review Committee.

How We Can Help

  • Financial Statement Audits:

    We’ll help assure compliance with applicable reporting standards, correct deficiencies, and provide insight to address important present and future challenges.
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits:

    We’ll work with you and your service providers to quickly identify problem areas, applying our vast experience and involvement in the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center and AICPA Employee Benefit Plans Expert Panel.
  • Single Audits:

    If your organization expends more than $750,000 in federal funds, we have the expertise to conduct your single audits.  SBC audits over $13 billion in federal award expenditures annually and was ranked 6th in the United States by the AICPA’s Government Audit Quality Center.  SBC’s single audit approach is based on a risk-based audit approach that incorporates all required rules and regulations of the 2 C.F.R. Part 200, while following a top-down audit risk approach for each program being tested.  This risk-based audit approach will allow SBC to gain a thorough understanding of the District’s internal controls in place over its Federal programs and the specific controls over the programs being tested.  Based on the operating effectiveness of the controls in place and risks related to the programs, SBC tailors our audit program to address the specific requirements per the 2 C.F.R. Part 200 and the risks identified.  SBC incorporates our single audit testing with our financial statement audit testing, when possible, as we find this process more efficient and less disruptive to the client.

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Commitment to Quality and Ethics

SBC is committed to providing unbiased assurance services with the highest level of professional integrity and skepticism. Every three years, we obtain an independent peer review of our quality control system for our accounting and auditing practice. In addition, as a registered member of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), the Board reviews our work periodically. We have consistently received peer reports expressing unmodified opinions and an unmodified PCAOB report without findings.

SBC delivers services with personalized attention from our partners and professionals. We are committed to delivering independent, efficient, and effective assurance services, including those  integrated with an audit of internal controls. We also provide quality assurance services to help ensure that our clients' financial statements meet the complex regulatory and business requirements under which they function.


Our high-quality, comprehensive services include:


  • Financial statement audit and other attest services
  • Compliance audits
  • Investigative/settlement services
  • Accounting assistance and audit preparation services
  • Merger and acquisition strategies
  • Employee benefit plan audits


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  • Leadership

    Our team strives to provide outstanding client service using industry and business knowledge to effectively and creatively meet clients’ needs..
  • Commercial

    Our goal when working with commercial organizations is to help you expand while increasing production with accountancy and advisory services, as we've done for Fortune 500 clients in the United States and around the world.
  • Public Sector

    We assist governmental organizations in developing strategies to improve efficiency and effectiveness, identifying risks, ensuring efficient use of resources, and meeting operational requirements.
  • Tax Exempt

    SBC combines extensive experience serving nonprofit clients with industry leadership and insight to address the nuances of tax exempt financial and operational management.