Cloud Risk Consulting

Information technology is frequently treated as a controlled business expenditure, rather than a potential growth catalyst. This critical business asset fuels decision making, collaboration, innovation, and ultimately, business success. But too often, businesses incur significant costs and risks to privacy, availability, security and compliance if they don't have adequate controls and safeguards in place for their enterprise information assets.

Our seasoned professionals are skilled in providing risk-based IT functions to strategically align, measure and govern clients' IT systems to operate with greater effectiveness. SBC helps you understand, develop, and implement an information governance strategy that will increase the strategic value of information while minimizing costs and risks. We offer a number of technology advisory services, including cloud risk consulting.

The Cloud Security Alliances recommends that Management know the responses to the questions below when ever moving a component of the operation to cloud services.

  • How would we be harmed if the asset became widely public and widely distributed?
  • How would we be harmed if an employee of our cloud provider accessed the asset?

  • How would we be harmed if the process or function were manipulated by an outsider?

  • How would we be harmed if the process or function failed to provide expected results?

  • How would we be harmed if the information/data were unexpectedly changed?

  • How would we be harmed if the asset were unavailable for a period of time?

At SBC, we recognize that the starting point of completing an assessment of cloud service starts with Management and not the technical aspects of the service model. Your service and assets may be in the cloud but your awareness of the risk and mitigating controls should not.

AT SBC, we work with you to both provide awareness and complete the  management oversight, governance and technical assessment of your cloud service and deployment model.

  • At SBC, we understand the required governance and management oversight processes of cloud service providers and can review these areas and make valuable recommendations to you.

  • At SBC, we understand the various cloud deployment models, private, public, hybrid and single or multi-tenancy, and can review the deployment model for appropriate security requirements to include both requirements on your premises and at the service provider.

  • At SBC, we understand the risk associated with certain configuration components and can complete the assessment, share the results, and make security recommendations to you.

At SBC, we understand the Information Security, periodic assessment, and data requirements (e.g.avoiding vendor lock in). We can review this configuration and share recommended processes to put in place to mitigate the risk.


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