Strategy Technology

We help clients determine the extent that IT is aligned with business strategies and the most effective utilization of IT assets. We help clients set priorities for future IT investments. This offering is positioned to help companies improve their ability to sense and respond to opportunities and threats ahead of the competition while maximizing value and minimizing risk. Our project approach includes a mix of strategy, people, process and technology delivery. While the strategic agility offering is chartered to increase the sensing and response mechanisms throughout an enterprise, IT tends to have the majority of cost and performance issues within an enterprise, and therefore possesses a larger area of opportunity for savings and efficiency increases.

When You Need These Services


Common indicators can include:

  • 6-8 projects per year costing between $50K-$100K determined to be redundant or unnecessary upon completion
  • 20-50 IT requests submitted daily without a centralized view of all IT requests
  • Little to no alignment between the businesses’ strategies and the IT initiatives
  • Poor collaboration between the business and IT
  • No broad visibility into what initiatives the technical resources are working on, let alone whether they are working on the right initiatives

Benefits of the Services

  • Improved return on IT Alignment between business and IT
  • IT systems standardization – IT requests processed 300% faster
  • Rationale for IT expenditures and associated payback
  • Elimination of redundant and non-value added IT activities
  • Reduced costs through consolidation, restructuring and increasing operating efficiencies
  • Increased market size and market share through product innovation, aggressive marketing and improved customer service

  • Leadership

    Our team strives to provide outstanding client service using industry and business knowledge to effectively and creatively meet clients’ needs..
  • Commercial

    Our goal when working with commercial organizations is to help you expand while increasing production with accountancy and advisory services, as we've done for Fortune 500 clients in the United States and around the world.
  • Public Sector

    We assist governmental organizations in developing strategies to improve efficiency and effectiveness, identifying risks, ensuring efficient use of resources, and meeting operational requirements.
  • Tax Exempt

    SBC combines extensive experience serving nonprofit clients with industry leadership and insight to address the nuances of tax exempt financial and operational management.