The healthcare sector is heavily impacted by the recent changes associated with the Affordable Care Act. Profitability of companies depends on efficient operations and operational efficiency. Additionally, the ability to be adequately reimbursed for services provided is increasingly difficult. Also, with the proposed changes in the way healthcare entities will be reimbursed, with an emphasis on preventive care, outpatient services, and reduced length of stay, there will be challenges and opportunities for healthcare entities as they implement these changes.

SBC provides services relative to audits performed of auxiliary organizations as well as assistance with feasibility studies, rate analysis and process improvements association with various functions within the hospital, physician practice and retirement care facilities settings. Additionally, we have experience providing compliance audits for various state and local governments for the healthcare industry. SBC has also performed reviews of health insurance companies related to compliance with the percentage of premiums spent on healthcare and preventive care, and compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

SBC is a member of the Healthcare Financial Management Association and receives annual continuing professional education from industry and government experts such as the Maryland Health and Mental Hygiene Administration, Healthcare Financial Management Association, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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