Tax Exempt Organizations

SBC’s partners have worked with hundreds of nonprofits, ranging from start-ups to organizations with over $200 million in revenues, for over 25 years. We work across charitable, trade and membership, religious, research and educational organizations, and foundations. Our partners are involved with various nonprofit industry organizations (FASB, AICPA, MANO, NGMA) as leaders and members, helping to establish standards and bringing valuable information to our clients. Our services specifically for nonprofit organizations include.

Nonprofits benefit from our specialized experience working with:

Cultural Arts Organizations

In addition to assurance, tax compliance and risk consulting services, we also provide support with: Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA) accounting and management, tax-exempt bond issuance and compliance, internal controls, capital campaign analysis, strategic planning and budget analysis. Our extensive experience working with these organizations allows us to provide industry-specific advice and best practices recommendations to our clients.

Membership Associations

SBC works with over 100 nonprofit organizations providing a full complement of services – audit, compliance, tax and advisory services. Our objective is to help you implement best practices from other nonprofits and for-profits to promote retention and recruitment efforts, navigate confusing IRS regulations, manage grant funding requirements, establish for-profit subsidiaries, analyze business opportunities, successfully manage risk and maintain and improve board governance. We also possess a depth of knowledge regarding political action committee (PAC) regulations, understanding compliance requirements with the Federal Election Commission.

Health and Welfare Entities

We provide a full range of services listed under Nonprofits. The one area unique to VHWOs is due to current accounting standards, only VHWOs are required to present a statement of functional expenses as a basic financial statement in a matrix format that reports expenses by both function (e.g., program, M&G, fundraising) and their natural classification (e.g., salaries, occupancy, supplies, etc.). This higher standard of reporting for VHWO’s results from their reliance on voluntary contributions from the general public. The information provided in a statement of functional expenses allows a donor to evaluate a charity’s efficiency and effectiveness in utilizing their donations to achieve results.


SBC provides a variety of services and supports, including financial and single audit, risk and business consulting, and tax compliance, for private, charter, and public schools, from K-12 to institutes of higher education.

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